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When it comes to following and assessing everything in the world of sports, from game results to player statistics and trading figures, we tend to find that users want to be able to replicate the real-life experience in a setting where they can compete against each other and really find out how deep their sports knowledge goes.

Powered by Ethereum + Matic Layer 2 blockchains, the process provides users with an online trading experience whereby they can trade digital assets and communicate with other sporting fans and betters on a global scale. We envision a future where users move away from their TV’s and social media platforms, and instead head to StarsX for an inclusive and interactive ways of watching and responding to their favourite sports, and competing against other users.
Built off the back of the existing blockchain, the StarsX platform is owned by the community and so there is no single owner accessing the system from a central point; blocking users from accessing the platform or modifying the rules of use. Rather, the entire system is built for community use and is thus owned by every user individually.
This article considers the technical foundation of StarsX, alongside its economic and philosophical merits.

Decentralized Platform
Continuous Liquidity

Fantasy stocks can be acquired and sold back to the game at any time,managed by smart-contract.

Fantasy Sports
Real-life State

Prices influenced by real life data.
Outsmart other users leveraging your sport knowledge.

Digital Assets
Blockchain Technology

StarX uses the blockchain to provide transparency, decentralized, continuous liquidity and true digital ownership

Fantasy Game Game

StarsX brings you the best of both Blockchain and Fantasy Sports Worlds.
The game is build on set of smart contracts that interact with users, managing liquid stocks markets where you can trade any time

Token Distribution TOKEN


Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Imagine a space where users get to purchase and invest in various stakes and moves in a sporting game or event, connected with real-life statistics and data. on a Decentralized Exchange for Fractional NFT’s – that is, a space where active users can go to exchange and invest in the fractionable NFT’s relating to their proposed outcome. In essence, what StarsX presents is the ideal game for those who want to use their knowledge and understanding of the sport to win big – based on their aptitude for reading data and assessing performance.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token with blockchain-managed ownership, which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are not mutually interchangeable by their individual specification in the way that crypto assets are.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry's equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). ICOs can make good profits in general but you should know the Risks and invest on a good Token and hold. It’s really important to have a long-term perspective. StarsX holders will guide the platform to its greatest potential through participation and experiments, covering everything from the implementation of new NFT markets, to changes in transaction fees, pricing standards, and other changes which will impact and change the user experience.

The ecosystem of StarsX and its governance is hugely reliant on the digital utility token. StarsX is token as an ERC-20 standard compliant digital token which works on the Ethereum blockchain, which rewards participants who use the StarsX platform.

You can purchase StarsX Token with bitcoin the minimum amount is $300. Click on Top-up on StarsX Token wallet and deposit bitcoin, it takes up to 72 working hours to confirm your top-up request for charge up fiat wallet.

Once you purchase StarsX Token on your wallet your referral link will be active and you can use it to invite your friends and family and get bonus. You can learn more about StrasX referral plan on starsxwallet.com

StarsX operates through Fractionable NFT’s, which allow these performance tokens to be broken up into fractions – presenting users with an opportunity to invest in a small portion of their top players. After all, if every NFT represented one player, it would very quickly become impossible for everyday users to own them. The price of these various tokens is dependent on supply and demand, with the combination of ERC-721 and Bancor Smart Tokens allowing this to be monitored and transacted automatically.

you can use your StarsX token on our Platform for Trading and also fantasy games. The main body of our platform is built around Fractional NFT markets, which can be compared to the liquidity pools represented on conventional exchange platforms. Within these Fractional NFT markets, users can purchase and liquidate their smart tokens, with the StarsX platform rendering all tokens interchangeable using the standardized system influenced by Bancor.

Smart tokens use the same reserve token, and so come together to form a network under a common reserve. This reserve token and its value can be described as a network token, capturing and using the combined value of every smart token which sits under it. This network token is essentially what we call a “token for tokens”, and is what allows all the smart tokens underneath it to be used so interchangeably.

An NFT is a non-fungible token, and in this instance, it represents the real-life performance of all our favorite athletes and sporting teams around the world. Users can suddenly invest in the real-life success of their top players and can own tokens which represent their performance and adding a reality spin to the concept of online sporting gaming and Trading.

The Smart Tokens launch from Bancor suddenly enabled the conversion of any ERC20 token into an alternative token, without the need for manual intervention or liquidity. Before this, users had to rely on a consistent presence of buyers and sellers in order to be able to convert their tokens – with tokens set at a high liquidity able to be sold or purchased at any time, while those with lower liquidity were much harder to acquire or sell off.

The other main influencer for StarsX comes from the ERC-721 token standard – a new digital token standard which became the standard used by many companies after its launch. The idea behind ERC-721 was to create a cryptographic token which was completely unique and not interchangeable, affording great success in 2018 as digital kitties suddenly garnered huge attention and millions of dollars in instant revenue.

-First, the real-life data and statistics are tokenized using the Fractional NFT methodology, giving users something to trade. These are called ‘Smart Tokens’. -The Smart tokens are managed using a bonding curve which automatically sets and adjusts the price of each share token based on supply and demand. -When the user purchases a Smart Token, their payment gets added to the reserve balance of that token, and new Smart Tokens are issued to the buyer. What this means is that the reserve balance of the token will increase, as will the supply of that token, and so its price will increase too. When a Smart Token is then liquidated by the user, their username is removed from the supply chain, the reserve tokens are transferred back to the seller, and the overall token price drops again. It really is all about supply and demand. -Of course, the reserve price is constantly changing and fluctuating – and that’s where stable coin comes in as the common reserve token, designed to ensure that the price fluctuation of the reserve does not impact the overall price of smart tokens as a whole.

Over time, we hope to develop the platform of StarsX and invest time and funds in new features which will enable users to expand their use of Smart tokens and STX holdings for additional interaction and engagement.

Building alliances with professional leagues and players, creating verified profiles and collections of sports icons and high-level teams, Additional gaming features such as token auctions and loans and More social and localized competition functions, for example leaderboards and fantasy tournaments these are some of our ideas for future development of StarsX platform


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