We choose to create the StarsX token as an ERC-20 standard-compliant digital token that works on the Ethereum blockchain and one of the reasons why for this choice is that the ecosystem of StarsX and its governance is reliant on the digital utility token that we use to build the platform.

STAX holders and users are the ones who interact with StarsX, invested and interested in helping us to shape the future of Starsx and its development and moving forward stronger than before. In another world, STAX holders will be a group formed from real-life and active users, that is why we have made the platform so simple and available as a user-friendly token governance token.

In addition to that STAX holders will help us guide the platform to its greatest potential through participation and experiments, covering everything from the implementation of new NFT markets, to change in transaction fees, and other changes which will impact and change the user experience.